Pump Assembly – Billet Gear High Flow MartenWear Treated Billet Backplate


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Stage III pumps increase the overall flow by machining a deeper pocket into the oil pump and fitting larger gears in this pocket. This increases the strength of the pump, increases mid-range oil pressure, and increases the strength of the oil pump gears.

The Stage III Pumps have these additional modifications:

  • Larger gears are fitted into the oil pump which increases mid-range protection and ensures compatibility with VVT.
  • The pump is shimmed increasing maximum warm pressure from 60 PSI to 70 PSI.

All assembled billet pumps undergo the following:

  • The pump is thoroughly taken apart; all parts undergo ultrasonic cleaning, air blast, and hand inspection.
  • The pump is hand de-burred.
  • Our industry-leading mirror-finished gear set is used
  • It is assembled with our Black Series ported gerotor with dual-stage MartenWear treatment
  • When closing the pump up, we use our Billet Steel Anti-Cavitation oil pump cover
  • Stainless Torx heads replace the stock fasteners
  • All fasteners are torqued to spec
  • Loctite applied to fasteners to prevent back out or loosening
  • Anaerobic sealant applied to critical areas to boost pump up speed and reduce aeration.
  • Assembly lubricant applied to all critical surfaces to get oil flowing fast on startup
  • Parts are blueprinted and issued with a specification sheet.

Part Number BP-S3 FITS:

  1. MIATA 1991.5-2005

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in