Boundary Racing Pumps

Boundary focuses on providing the highest quality lubrication systems possible for the automotive industry.

Products are patent pending with the USPTO

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American Company

All of the gear sets are designed and manufactured in America, and in house. We don’t outsource to companies for our machining or design work. We do it right, one gear at a time, crafted by master machinist.

Designed For Performance

Our oil pumps generate more oil flow, more pressure, and do it earlier in the RPM band. We use the most advanced technology and simulation software available to create an indestructible addition to your street or race machine.

New Boundary Products

Check out our new Subaru EJ S2 pump. This top tier pump is engineered with a robust 12MM gearset for enhanced performance and longevity.

Ready To Assist

We encourage you to contact us for additional support or product requests. We are working to expand our product line to new applications.