Barra Billet Backplate


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Experience the pinnacle of engineering with our billet back plates, advanced CFD simulation meets precise 3D milling. Designed for superior performance, they significantly reduce leak-by, aeration, and cavitation, and boost high RPM flow.

Crafted from ultra-rigid billet steel, five times stronger than aluminum, our plates ensure minimal blow-by and air ingestion.

The added durability comes from our unique MartenWear surfaces, guaranteeing a longer lifespan.

Enhancements in volume and reduced foam contribute to extended engine-bearing life.

Our precision surface grinding creates the ultimate pump seal.


  • 4.0L Ford Falcon (Barra XR6 Engine) 2002-2016
  • 4.0L Ford Territory (Barra XR6 Engine) 2004-2016
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in