Dodge Viper Oil Pump Gears


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Boundary oil pump gears are 100% manufactured in our Dallas, Texas production facility. We start by quenching our chromoly billets from extreme heat and then temper it to a tough indestructible core. After machining, we apply our ColdFlow surface hardening process and complete it to a Mirror Finish. What does all this give you? It gives you a pump with stability over 9000 RPM, proven over 1000whp, with higher efficiency, less friction, and backed by one of the industry’s best warranties.

Oil Pump Gear Features:

Mirror Finished and Surface Hardened

Surface Ground gears for the ultimate in fitment and performance

Indestructible core

Inner and outer gear set included

Unique race-inspired gerotor design

Each set hand, machine, and hardness inspected with Blueprinting Report


Engine Year Product SKU Outer diameter Width Lobe Count
SR1 92-95 VIPER-OPG-R1 3.246 0.742 13
SR2 G1 96-99 VIPER-OPG-R1 3.246 0.742 13
SR2 G2 00-02 VIPER-OPG-R2 3.246 0.785 13
ZB1 2003-2006 VIPER-OPG-R2 3.246 0.785 13
ZB2 2008-2010 VIPER-OPG-R3 3.246 0.628 9
VX 2013-2017 VIPER-OPG-R3 3.246 0.628 9

Note: It is recommended the customer verifies their OEM gear’s outer diameter and thickness with Boundary before placing an order.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in

SR1 92-95, SR2 G1 96-99, SR2 G2 00-02, ZB1 2003-2006, ZB2 2008-2010, VX 2013-2017


No Treatment, MartenWear Dual Heat Treat

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